Crushing the Gender Gap in STEM

Since first being allowed to attend University in the 1860s, women have gained a lot of ground in higher education. However, female representation at the professorship level, specifically in STEM subjects – remains low 10-15%. Why is this the case? The answer is simple: Biology.

"Accommodate women's child-bearing years without obliging them to sacrifice their careers".
- Urina Bokova (UNESCO)


Less than 20% of the fully tenured professors in STEM subjects are women

 The journey in the academic system of post-doctoral researchers and assistant professors is difficult and competitive for anyone. Traditionally for married men with children, it is often their wives that are the primary caretaker. However, for women in academia, who are expected to match their male counterparts in time and commitment while also taking care of their own children themselves, it is extra daunting and intimidating.  This imbalance leads to professional workplaces being dominated by the achievements of men.

The STEM Angels foundation is the first of its kind in the world. It is a foundation that is solely based on meeting the needs of mothers on the tenure track in STEM subjects in order to assist them in their academic careers while simultaneously caring for their children, families, and themselves adequately. 

Our hope is that by supporting the unique needs of mother-scientists, we can re-create the landscape of scientific knowledge in the world.

What's the solution?

Make academic environments more female-friendly by providing free daycare and mental health support to all female professors.

Become a Champion for Equality

Imagine What Maternal Perspectives in Science Can Achieve.

To all of the 60000 currently tenured science professors out there, here’s how we can fix this! If each one of you provided STEM angels with $1000 per year, we could pledge $60 million dollars to gender equality.  Not only would you be a legitimate  part of the solution, but you also get to brag about it by adding your own personal STEM Angel ID to your avatar, or display your STEM Angels certificate on your office wall! Committing to gender equality and including the maternal perspective in science can help not only women achieve their STEM goals, but also can help their family and your own families and communities grow. Take the pledge and commit a monthly donation amount!


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